Kitchen Remodeling - Sample Project 1

Constructing Cabinets

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From left to right : base cabinets, drawers, door frames, and trash rollout

Sink base and drawer base cabinets with lazy susan in the spray room ready for finishing

Painted sink base and lazy susan. Hanging behind are painted cabinet doors

Finished sink base with 4 left drawers and the lazy susan flush mount matching 360° swivel doors

Full extension roll out under the sink base. Next to the sink base is another base cabinet with built in lazy susan
Closer look of the left drawers with antique drawer knobs from 1920s

All drawers are full extension rollouts with 100 pound capacity. They feature 7/8" solid maple drawer sides with teak and mahogany drawer bottom. All finished natural
Wayne's coating at the end of trash rollout cabinet matches door panels as well as the kitchens wood tongue and all made of heart pine

Base cabinets built with access from front and back on the left hand side. Roll out trash compartment faces the food preparation area while the wine rank faces the private dining area.

Wire racks on full rollouts make a convenient storage bin just under food prep counter top for dry storage of vegetables.

The unfinished side is insulated on the interior to prevent any heat from the adjacent stove from penetrating into the wine rack compartment.

Prepped and ready for painting

Painted and ready to install

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