Antique Wrought Iron Railings from the
Historic Sulphur Springs Hotel (Arcade)

These elegantly designed Victorian styled solid wrought iron handrails are a flowing one of a kind free form metal art and architecture. The finely designed iron leaves gently guide your eyes along flowing curls of solid wrought iron. Some leaves turn opposite of each other creating an undertow of elegant beauty with balance.

Scattered gracefully along the roughly eighteen feet of each handrail you will discover uniquely designed floral medallions aiding in the seeming endless flow. Another unique but subtle touch that seem to catch your eyes are the pinkie sized acorn's landscaped within a harp shaped solid wrought iron frame.

These amazing hand rails were extracted from the Sulphur Springs Hotel and Arcade located in Tampa, Florida until it was sadly razed in 1976. This set of antique wrought iron railings,approximately 40 +/- linear feet, has never been reinstalled and have been in storage since. The railings are in great shape.  Every piece is intact. This piece of antique ironwork, when restored, will be a majestic architectural showcase for your home.

The Sulphur Springs Hotel where the railings were salvaged was built in 1925. It was located adjacent to the very popular Sulphur Springs pool. The pool was fed by natural spring water and is still in use today. The hotel occupied the second floor of the building. Shops and stores were on the Arcade's first floor allowing for easy shopping access from the outside of the building as well as inside. The Sulphur Spring Arcade is considered one of the first malls in the state of Florida. Find out more about the Sulphur Springs Hotel (Arcade) You can also find more information on the history of the Sulphur Springs Hotel at The Library of Congress: 

For information on purchasing the railings, please contact Don at 813.621.5167.  

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