Kitchen Remodeling :: Sample Project 1

Work in Progress

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Top 4 pictures: Appliances,old cabinets, and laminate floorings are removed. The kitchen floor is stripped down to the frame.
Plumbing coming through old floor.
Old open faced upper cabinets remains

Prepping room for demoing of wood floor
and all of the heart pine floor joist

Plumbing has been worked into the wall cavity and sealed with plywood. All new pressure treated floor joist are installed

Final steps are taken to level floor joist before gluing and screwing down the 3/4" plywood T7G sub flooring

Kitchen painted, plywood floor,
cabinets leveled and fastened into place
Upper cabinet shelf was eliminated to accommodate for the new up scaled Frigidaire

A view of the step up entrance into the kitchen
from the adjacent bird room which features
a collection of bird figurines and alike