Historic Sulphur Springs Hotel (Arcade)

The information and pictures on this page are obtained from the Tampa Hillsborough Public Library and the Library of Congress.

Abstract from the Library of Congress: Historic American Building Survey: Sulphur Springs Hotel (Arcade) as prepared by Susan McCown, Summer 1982.
HABS No. FL-355

Location:  8122 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

Present Use:  Demolished 1976

Significance:  The hotel was situated near the "miraculous" mineral waters of Hillsborough River and represents an excellent example of a resort recreation facility of early 20th century.  The most distinguished feature of the hotel was its first and second floor front arcade in classical style.

Date of erection:  1925-26

Architect:  Not Known

Original and Subsequent owner:  Josiah T. Richardson was the original owner of the property.  In the late 1920s Richardson defaulted and the building was sold to South Carolina tobacco grower J.F. Hendrick.  At his death the property passed to his five grandchildren.  They, as estate holders, exerted control over leases for the ground floor stores.  In order to bring in new businesses, they refused lease renewals for many of the original shops.  In recent years the City of Tampa took over the swimming pool and turned it into a public facility.  The hotel and the shops remained until 1975.  The following year the entire building was demolished.

Original plans and construction: The second floor had thirty-nine hotel rooms and fourteen apartments and offices.  Original number of downstairs shops is not known.

Furnished lobby of Sulphur Springs Hotel with pillared arcade and balustrade: Tampa, Fla. by Burgert Brothers. 

Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System, 1937, 1993 printing


Automobiles and traffic outside of Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments, 8100 block Nebraska Avenue: Tampa, Fla. by Burgert Brothers. 

Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System, 1945, 1994 printing